György Galántai

Founder, Art-researcher

Artpool Art Research Center

Born in 1941 in Bikács (Hungary)

Graduated as a painter in 1967 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Multimedia artist, art researcher.

His view of art shows close ties with the spirit of Fluxus, which rejected the creation of traditional art works and defined the task of art as inventing conceptual objects, creative situations, as well as permanent creative and spiritual spaces.

He has taken part, organized and curated several one-man shows and group exhibitions, or events.

He has made graphic works, paintings, moving and sound sculptures, performances, multimedia installations, communication projects, and is the founder of several alternative art institutions (e.g. the Chapel Studio in Balatonboglár between 1970 and 1973, Artpool since 1979, Newkapolcs Gallery 1991-1995, Artpool P60 1997-2018, Area 51 in Kapolcs from 2015). He received a fellowship from the DAAD in 1988/89 and was guest artist at Arizona State University in 1990.

Till 2020 art director of the Artpool Art Research Center and curator of the majority of Artpool's exhibitions and projects and curator of the Artpool website

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