Central European Research
Institute for Art History

50 years of rememberance/Basic differences


2023. April 25. 18:00 - June 28. 23:59
Artpool Art Research Center

The chamber exhibition commemorating the events of the Chapel Studio in Balatonboglar (1970-1973) 50 years ago, introduces the ambiguous and fundamental otherness of the key participants. Documents, images and texts, sounds and videos, presented as installations, inform from the past to the present with general and most personal perspectives on artistic and non-artistic existential issues.

The film Kultúr/Galántai/Domb [Culture/Galántai/Hill] directed by György Galántai in 1992 will be screened at the opening (38:16), which consists of memories of the past and the director's vision of the future.

Curator: György Galántai

Exhibition opening: 25.04.3023. 6pm to 8pm.

The exhibition is open until 28 June 2023, on weekdays, by appointment.

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