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New Acquisition of the Photographic Collection of the SZM-KEMKI ADK

Donation of Photographer György TÓTH

We are pleased to announce that another outstandingly significant series by a prominent Hungarian photographer has been added to the Photographic Collection of the SZM-KEMKI ADK. The roll film negatives of György Tóth’s Portraits 1985-1991, which the artist gifted to the Collection, will soon be available for research. These photos by the Rudolf Balogh Prize winning photographer – known mainly for his studies of the human body in motion facilitated by long exposures and special flash techniques – still reflect a documentarist aesthetic, as they portray his artist friends who were (also) active on the 1980s art scene. In addition to the 66 rolls, György Tóth also included 62 of his signed digital prints. The material is of great significance not only on account of the artists depicted in the photos, but also because it offers insight into an important period of the photographer’s then-still-evolving oeuvre.

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