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Commissioned Memory - Hungarian Exhibitions in Auschwitz, 1960/1965

Contrary to popular belief, the Holocaust was not a taboo in the fine arts of early Socialist Hungary. In addition to numerous non-commissioned works of art, the subject also emerged within official memory politics.

2023. September 15. 09:21 - December 3. 23:59
Galeria Centralis

The research-based exhibition and the accompanying book in preparation present an early Kádár-era chapter of Holocaust memory in the fine arts; the rediscovered art material from the 1960s Hungarian exhibitions in Auschwitz.
The Polish museum, operating at the site of the former concentration camp, offered barracks for national exhibitions from 1960 onward. In 2004, the Blinken OSA Archivum presented the history of the Hungarian exhibitions in Auschwitz under the title Auschwitz 1945–1989. Reconstruction. At that time, however, nothing was known about the fact that the organizers had commissioned a monumental art collection, as an illustration to the historical material of the (supposedly) first exhibition in 1965. The current exhibition reconstructs this completely forgotten group of artworks.


Exhibiting artists: Tibor Barabás, Gyula Hincz, György Jovánovics, János Kass, Béla Kondor, György Konecsni, Gyula Konfár, József Péri, Endre Szász


Curator: Daniel Véri, Research Department (KEMKI)




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